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Drupal - Load user's Content Profile, given the UID

There are so many reasons to use Content Profile instead of the user's core profile. For once, profiles are created as separate nodes and therefore the full flexibility of CCK and VIews come in the game. This way it is possible to build some really sophisticated profiles, which is usually what is needed for any website.

I had to look around for an easy solution on how to load the user's content profile programmatically, so the following might come in helpful.

How to test cron in Centos

Here you can find some simple tests that would confirm the smooth functionality of your crontab.

Test if cron is running

Type the following command:

ps ax | grep cron 

Make sure that cron shows up. Expected output should be something like

[konordo@konordoserv]# ps ax | grep cron
1185 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep cron
1771 ?        Ss     0:00 crond

Test if cron is working

Add the following entry to your crontab. To do so, enter the command

crontab -e

How to use datepicker pop up in a form field in a custom module?

Ever needed to use datepicker pop up in a custom module? That would be the most usable way to allow users to choose a date.

Here is the code to be used in the form function:

Drupal: How to add another recipient in personal user contact form

Drupal's core contact module comes with the feature that allows users to have their own personal contact forms.
We were asked to provide a way so that User 1 would receive a copy of any message exchanged between users via the forms.

Our first thought was to use Rules, but it seemed that creating an event for contact form submission was the long way to go.

The solution was quite simple: Using hook_mail_alter.

Reset drupal statistics - The Read counter

Here is a quick and easy way to reset the drupal statistics stored in the database with a couple of SQL queries.

You can reset the Total counters with:

UPDATE `node_counter` set `totalcount` = 0;

And the day counters with:

UPDATE `node_counter` set `daycount` = 0;

Important: You should keep a backup of the database before performing any actions.

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