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Draw circle overlay in all points in gmap from Radius in a CCK field | Dynamic gmap Macro in Views

Lately I needed to add a circle in every marker in a gmap provided by Views.

So in order to achieve this, I filled in the Macro textarea of the Style:Gmap settings of the View with the following code. But first, I added the field that contains the Radius value and excluded it from Display, to make the value available in the view result set. This value was in miles, so I made the conversion from km as well.

preg_match date time validation

While developing a custom module, I needed to validate the following date time format:


The following code was used to create a pattern for the preg_match and to test the results. (Can be used as is.)

Show taxonomy terms Grouped By Taxonomy Parent

Lately I was assigned with the task to display all terms assigned to a node, grouped by their parent. To better explain this, let's say for example that we have the Vocabulary 1 assigned to Content Type A, with the following terms:
Parent 1
-- term 1
-- term 2
-- term 3
Parent 2
-- term 4
-- term 5
Parent 3
-- term 6
-- term 7
Nodes from Content Type 1 have various terms assigned. For example, node/143 has the following terms assigned: term 2, term 4, and terms 6 & 7.

Show Blocks only on user's pages and not on login, edit etc. pages

If we need to display a block in user pages, and not in /user/login or /user/register etc pages, we need to field in some custom php code under the Page specific visibility settings, we select the radio "Show if the following PHP code returns TRUE (PHP-mode, experts only)" and we fill in the following code:

PHP Fatal error: Class 'Console_Table' not found in... drush error

After a fresh drush installation, drush status returned this error message:

[konordo@konordo ~]# drush status
<strong>PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Console_Table' not found in drush/path/drush.inc on line 955 </strong>

The solution was to install the php pear extension


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