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Drupal Commerce - Translate Order total, Shipping Information, Billing information

If you do not want to use i18n_string and i18n_field in order to translate the Order total, Shipping & Billing Information texts, that show up in the cart and on the checkout pages when using Drupal Commerce, the following hacky approach should do the trick.

First, the following funcion can be used in your template.php file:

Remove non-utf8 characters from string

Here is a nice little PHP snippet that will remove non-ASCII characters from a String.


Drupal7 - How to rename the edit tab of a node

Here's a snippet that will rename the edit tab to a custom string, on node edit, depending on the content type.

It is easy to add different or additional validation criteria, depending on when you would like the Edit tab to show up with its brand new name.

This code should be placed in a custom module.

Drupal7 - Customize the search form

Here is the code to be used in the theme's template.php file that will override Drupal's search form.
If no template.php is available, just go ahead and create one.

Drush - Short Tips

Quick notes on Drush, while on a Drupal installation folder:

To create an archive of the current Drupal site:
drush archive-dump --destination=/backups/mysite.tar

To restore the files and databases for all sites in the archive.
drush archive-restore /backups/mysite.tar

To create a mysql dump of the current Drupal database:
drush sql-dump --result-file=

To drop all tables of the current Drupal database:
drush sql-drop

To import a new db file in the current Drupal database:

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