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Drush - Short Tips

Quick notes on Drush, while on a Drupal installation folder:

To create an archive of the current Drupal site:
drush archive-dump --destination=/backups/mysite.tar

To restore the files and databases for all sites in the archive.
drush archive-restore /backups/mysite.tar

To create a mysql dump of the current Drupal database:
drush sql-dump --result-file=

To drop all tables of the current Drupal database:
drush sql-drop

To import a new db file in the current Drupal database:

Drupal 7: How to check the available variables in a template (tpl) file

There is a very handy php function that allows us to quickly check all the available variables in a tpl file (e.g. html.tpl.php).
Assuming that the devel module is installed, the following line should do the trick:

<?php kpr(get_defined_vars()); ?>

Alternatively, a print_r should work just fine:

Drupal 7: Reset User 1 Password quick and easy using Drush

There are many solutions out there to reset User 1's password in a Drupal 7 website. A really convenient way is to use Drush, to generate a one time login URL - no mails involved. The output would be directly on the console, and it is simple to just copy and paste it in a browser. 
The drush command is the following:
drush php-eval 'echo user_pass_reset_url(user_load(1));
and once logged in, the password can be easily changed in the user edit screen. 

Drupal 7: How to remove "More information about formatting options" link

The code below goes in your template.php and removes the "More information about formatting options" link.

 * Remove the comment filters' tips
function MyThemeName_filter_tips($tips, $long = FALSE, $extra = '') {
 * Remove the comment filter's more information tips link
function MyThemeName_filter_tips_more_info () {

Please remember to clear the cache in order for the changes to trigger.

Drupal 7: Hide a field depending on the value of a checkbox

I recently had the requirement to hide a horizontal tab in node display depending on the value of a checkbox i.e. Show tab X. For the horizontal tabs I was using the excellent Fieldgroup module.

In order to achieve the above, I created a little custom module and used the newly introduced in drupal 7 hook, hook_node_view_alter.


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