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Mr Emanouil Lampakis trusted us to create a full corporate ID and his business website. It deals with insurances and real estates. All graphics were created from scratch in photoshop, then converted to a drupal theme. The website has many custom collapsible regions and some jquery implementations. The strongest parts of the website are the custom modules that were developed in order to provide a very customized search form for real estates.

Url: http://www.mlampakis.gr Tags: Web design, Drupal theming, Drupal custom module development, Logo design, Developed from scratch


We were assigned to create a website that would present both the personal portfolio of the famous choreographer Mr. Julian Bulku and his yoga studio. All graphics were designed from scratch in Photoshop and then converted to a zen based drupal theme. A logo was designed as well. The strongest points are the clean & usable design and the dynamic photo & video gallery.

Url: http://www.julianbulku.gr Tags: Web design, Drupal theming, Drupal custom module development, Logo design


We were very happy to work with Germinatr (http://www.germinatr.com) on this project. We were provided the wireframes and PSD files, and developed and themed a drupal website with plenty of community features. Strongest parts of the website are the customized custom profiles and custom voting modules.

Url: http://www.personalmanifesto.com Tags: Drupal theming, Drupal custom module development, Developed from scratch


One of the largest projects for one of the largest N.G.O. in Greece. This drupal website is an SMS framework working with clickatell, in order to send daily personalised SMS to thousands of members. The strongest parts of the website are the custom modules that were developed in order to fully customize the SMS Framework according to the organization's specific needs.

Greek Thalassaemia Federation (E.O.THA.) was founded in 1991 and is the national union of people with Thalassaemia (Mediterranean anaemia, Cooley' s anaemia) and Sickle Cell Disease, in Greece. It brings together the 26 local Thalassaemia Associations of the country and represents 5,000 patients and their families. It is a member of Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF), and of Greek Confederation of People with Disabilities (ESAmeA).

It is a non-profit organisation aiming at the improvement of health services provided to the patients, vocational rehabilitation and social integration, fighting against marginalisation.

For the communication needs of the organisation, we were asked to provide an accessible website for disseminating the message and services of the organisation. The website is still available at http://www.eotha.gr. Press releases, news on disability, cultural events, laws on disability, promotion of blood donation are only a few of the scopes of the portal.

Later on, we delivered a second website / service for Eotha N.G.O. , which acted as a communication/coordination portal between the main organisation and the child organisations around Greece, and also between Eotha N.G.O and its member and volunteer network. This service is a Drupal website that integrates with Clickatell.com SMS gateway, in order to send massively personalised SMS messages to configurable lists of recipients. This service provided the channels that greatly facilitated Eotha's PR department's coordination tasks, by enabling instant notifications to specific groups of people, by delivering messages promptly and efficiently.

Url: http://sms2.eotha.gr Tags: Developed from scratch, Drupal custom module development, Drupal theming, Web design