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MainStreet Investor - Trader's Reserve

This website was developed from scratch in Drupal. The first task was to provide a drupal theme out of PSD files with a number of custom regions. We used, as usually, zen theme as a basis. Quite interesting part is the slide show in the front page, where each slide contains the latest two entries of each taxonomy term.

The article nodes where heavily customized, so admins can easily decide after which paragraph the "Also on MainStreet" box will appear. Furhter, there a custom pagination so that the text can be broken down to different pages at admin's will. And also there is a programmatically placed carousel that displays all images assigned to the node. Admins can also assign other nodes to be included as relative ones ("Read also.." - http://www.tradersreserve.com/article/stock-buy-came-back-dead)

For comments, we implemented an integration with DISQUS (http://disqus.com/).

You can find an example / article here: http://www.tradersreserve.com/article/get-paid-7-8-own-monopoly.

The last task was to install, configure and theme Ubercart, so now this website offers paid services as well.

Url: http://tradersreserve.com/ Tags: Drupal theming, Drupal custom module development, Developed from scratch

The Legal Balance

This is an ongoing project, started July 2009. We first started working on the theme of the Legal Balance (working closely with IDCM Innovations - http://idcminnovations.com/). After that our role included further drupal development of the website, development of custom modules, general bug fixing from the previous developer, and server troubleshooting and configuration. Our latest tasks included a custom registration system that integrates Recurly as a third party payment solution, and a digest page where all content is aggregated to be exported to the TLB Newsletter.

Url: http://www.thelegalbalance.com Tags: Drupal theming, Drupal custom module development


Mr Karapantelis assigned us with the design and development of his personal website. Minimal web design, drupal theming and development along with rich jquery features host his papers, research, blog, photo galleries and other. This website works with Flickr API to retrieve image albums and images that displays them under the gallery section.

Url: Tags: Web design, Drupal theming, Developed from scratch


This is the personal website of the model and photographer Mrs. Karatheodorou R. Her portfolio is presented through a themed image gallery. The strongest part of this website is the vintage design, created from scratch in photoshop then converted to drupal theme.

Url: http://www.xrozyx.com Tags: Web design, Drupal theming, Drupal custom module development, Logo design, Developed from scratch