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XLcontent gmbh on behalf of Mr. Oliver Lorenz

Wegweiser GmbH is a leading company that uses a strategic combination of conferences, exhibitions, publications and studies and with the involvement of leading experts from the worlds of politics and business, to bring together the most important people and help to provide an illustration and understanding, from a broader perspective, of future challenges and the changes which need to be made. A multilingual (4 languages) Drupal website was asked, where each piece of content would be posted in a detailed, tabbed layout. In order to facilitate the content management, each node needed to be editable from one single page. A mega menu was requested, that would split the content in two columns, depending on the upcoming date of each event. Drupal commerce and commerce registration allows the users to register for the conferences, or buy additional products, whether it is a sponsorhip package or publications. For the latter, calculations based on the total weight of the products was also needed, in order to automatically update the shipping costs during checkout. Custom modules where needed in order to provide URLs, that would expire after one use, that wegweiser would provide to selected clients in order to download material from the conferences. Moreover, we were asked to provide some functionality that would, among other, alter the product selection method from dropdown list to radio buttons, to hide a horizontal tab in node display depending on the value of a checkbox, and of course to Translate Order total, Shipping Information, Billing information.