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XLcontent GmbH

Geocompanion GmbH is a company that delivers mission-critical GIS offline maps for iOS devices.A Drupal website was needed that would act both as a basis for selling the offline maps, but also as a REST server in order to communicate with an iOS mobile app. Drupal commerce with custom functionality was configured, in order to allow the users to buy the maps they needed, and to also provide a personalised interface where users can manage the maps they have bought. For the communication with the mobile device we worked together with a team of developers responsible for developing the app. Once all transactions between Drupal and the App were agreed upon, we developed a number of endpoints in a custom module that would provide the app with all the necessary ways to communicate with Drupal. Starting from core user login and registration, we continued with the custom functionality necessary for sending large files, lists of content, options to buy directly from within the app and other.Users that login from the app have all the maps they have bought available, and they can edit or delete them, or download them again - but only once per device (according to the businees model of geocompanion). Metadata for each map were, of course, also included as part of the transactions.