Who uses Drupal?

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Why Drupal?

Drupal is the leading open source content management system for developing sophisticated, flexible and robust websites, social media networks and applications.

You don't need to look far to find examples of Drupal being used by the world's biggest brands, organisations and even countries for highly complex websites that cope with massive amounts of visitor traffic. You may have heard of some of them: The United Nations, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Sony/BMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Bros Music, Adobe, Harvard University, MTV, Nike, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, FedEx, Novell, Disney, The Kingdom of Belgium, Sun Microsystems, the New Zealand Government and Metallica. Drupal is also a mature product with a huge user base. Started in 2001 and now in it's seventh full release, Drupal core is currently downloaded about 150,000 times per month from Drupal.org.

It allows staff members to create, edit and delete website content without the need to go through an IT department or a website supplier. Once your website has been developed on the Drupal platform you have control over your content!

Apart from being an easy way to manage website content, Drupal also offers the most flexible way to add new features in the future. Drupal lets your website grow with the demands of your business and future web needs.

Drupal is flexible and easy to extend

Drupal CMS will be capable of virtually any requirement you have of your website in the future. It is inherently more flexible than virtually any other CMS. A Drupal CMS will future-proof your presence on the internet.

Open Source and Drupal

Commercial enterprises all over the world are starting to recognise that using open source software makes good business sense, not only from a cost perspective but also from a quality perspective too. This is especially the case on the web, where open source projects have driven innovation and been a key element to the success of companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. Open source software has created a new commercial paradigm where collaboration can benefit business and at the same time create new markets for growth and innovation. Drupal is a shining example of how open source software can offer a better value and more advanced solution over it's proprietry competitors and like many other open source projects Drupal's biggest asset is it's community of developers and companies who contribute back to the project.

Who uses Drupal?

Here are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of websites that use the Drupal content management platform:

There are more examples available in the site of Drupal's founder: http://buytaert.net/tag/drupal-sites ... and more!

List of governments at the state and federal level who are using Drupal. List includes embassies, parliaments, governmental portals, police, research centers, ministries/departments, monarchies etc. in more than 150 countries. https://groups.drupal.org/government-sites

This is a list of known implementations of Drupal in intergovernmental organisations, like the United Nations, European Union and others. https://groups.drupal.org/node/79093 This is a resource/reference list of municipal, district, department, county and other local government agencies/departments currently using Drupal. https://groups.drupal.org/node/24119